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Our North Shore Siding Contractors Provide

  • Vinyl siding
  • Siding installation
  • Vinyl siding replacement
  • House siding
  • Siding options
  • Home siding
  • Stone siding
  • Exterior siding
  • Brick siding


Here in Massachusetts, it couldn’t be more important for you to find siding options that offer you the most in moisture resistance and easy maintenance.

At Cazeault Solar and Home, our professional exterior contractors offer expert siding installations in options that are affordable, versatile and quality made. From vinyl or veneers, to fiber cement, your new siding will help to protect and beautify your North Shore area home.

If you have siding installation or replacement needs, Cazeault Solar and Home is your North Shore area premier choice.

You’ll have plenty of siding solutions to choose from at Cazeault Solar and Home. When you choose us, you’re choosing a company that was established in 1927. With all our experience, we strive to give our customers the same quality siding installations we’ve provided throughout the years.

Quality Vinyl Siding Installations

As one of the most popular siding options, vinyl siding is affordable and easy to maintain. It’s also easy to install for professionals, which cuts down on your labor costs. Many of today’s vinyl siding options come in a huge variety of colors and styles so you don’t have to worry about finding something that looks great on your North Shore area home.

Wood Siding Installations

If you’re into a bungalow, Cape Cod, Cottage, or similar style, go with a wood siding installation. Installed properly, your wood siding can be treated to help it stay looking great for years. Wood siding comes in clapboard styles as well as shakes and shingles. Planks of wood are installed horizontally with the top piece overlapping the lower piece on the clapboard style wood siding, while shakes and shingles are positioned much like a shingle roof. Depending on maintenance and wood types, your gorgeous natural wood siding can last from 10 to 100 years.

Brick Siding

Classic brick siding adds the beauty of brick as a siding option for today’s homes. There’s nothing like the solid feel and tradition of brick that has stood the test of time. Today’s brick siding is normally a veneer that is constructed as an outer layer of protection for your home. When your brick siding is installed professionally and correctly, you can have a lifetime of siding protection that’s completely protective for your home.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding gives you the look of masonry, stucco, or wood without the higher expense. Fiber cement has quickly become a leading option in siding in the North Shore, Massachusetts area because it’s extremely resilient and resistant to the weather conditions in the area. Available in a range of textures, styles, and finishes, you have plenty of options to make your beautiful home even better.

Stone and Stone Veneer Siding

Stone siding comes in many natural stone options as well as stone veneers that offer you more durability. You have options in stone types like granite, limestone, rock, and more. These natural or synthetic materials bring your home a natural, beautiful appeal that’s when properly installed will enhance and protect your home for years to come.

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Is your home a good fit for a GENERAC & TESLA POWERWALL Battery Storage?

It's not always just an easy yes or no question. While this is a great time to install Home Solar Panels, with solar installation more affordable than ever thanks to State & Federal rebates - your home has to be a good fit. The only way to tell for sure is to have an experienced Solar Installer like Cazeault Solar & Home, come out and make a full evaluation. The evaluation is free, and no-hassle. We’ll run all the measurements and costs involved, factor the tax savings and rebates, and we'll be able to advise you of your best options.

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NOTE** If you’re a National Grid or Eversource customer in Massachusetts, you can now join the New England energy storage community and enroll in ConnectedSolutions.

ConnectedSolutions networks your TESLA Powerwall energy storage solution with other residential batteries across your state, creating and distributing a clean energy supply available when demand is high. You help support the power grid, and the savings get passed onto you — and you make $$. It’s that easy!

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