Cazeault Solar is proud to announce that they are now an authorized installer or Velux Hot Water solar systems.

Q. What is a VELUX solar water heater?
A. A VELUX solar water heater uses the sun’s energy as a source of heat to produce hot water for domestic household use. A solar water heater can typically generate from 50% to 80% of a household’s annual hot water heating needs using “free” energy from the sun. The remaining hot water needs are supplied using a backup energy source – electric elements, natural gas burner, propane burner, or auxiliary water heater or boiler. Unlike other solar water heating systems, VELUX solar water heating systems are complete packaged systems that include all of the components necessary for years of trouble free operation – no matter where they are installed in the U.S.

Q. How much do the homeowners save?
A. How much homeowners will save depends upon the size of the system, site conditions (shading, roof pitch, and orientation) and the hot water usage patterns of the family. Typically, water heating energy savings will be between 50% and 80% compared to a traditional tank type water heating system. For the typical household, this represents an annual savings of 10% – 15% off of the total household energy costs.

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